Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful BABES

Last week, Wired Magazine reported about a Los Angeles clinic that allowed parents to choose the eye color and hair color of their future babies.

The response was frantic-- the clinic shut down. Transhumanist John Hughs doesn't know why:

"Hughes: Insofar as the choices are eye color and hair color, that's not going to exacerbate inequalities in society. It's a minor way in which greater wealth allows more reproductive choice, but it shouldn't be a reason to override reproductive freedom.

If PGD had the ability to double the IQs of children — which it doesn't — then that would be the sort of inequality that warranted a social policy against it. I'm worried about that situation, not hair and eye color."

I imagine Mr. Hughs has never seen Jane Elliott's "Eye of the Storm"-- you know, that film about a teacher who tells her third graders that blue-eyed people are superior to brown-eyed people? Thanks to Frontline, you can watch the whole thing (or read about it) here:

The results are fairly jarring.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

acquiring health.

it's time for a teeth cleaning.

dental hospital.
Dannes-Camiers, France.
circa 1915.

and maybe some group therapy.

massachusetts state hospital.

and don't forget about physical exertion.

boys in gymnasium class.
old colony chapel on tyler st.

these kids love exertion.

children stretching.
buzy, france.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i recently learned that the internet is a lot of fun.